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I know you are in a hurry to start creating NEW quizzes, surveys, and polls using LeadModo...and you should be!

But what if you could super-charge it by including your team and your clients in the process?

Listen – I have spoken to consultants that charge $5k per lead-gen campaign from their clients. And not many people are even offering messenger lead-gen funnels. You could be the FIRST to do so.

Clients out there are willing to pay all that money to someone like you!

So what if you could do all this and more?

Get ready because, with LeadModo Agency, you get:

20/100 Seat Agency License

Permission to use our marketing material

Premium support in case you get stuck

We support your clients

Let Me Walk You Through All The Significant Upgrade Benefits You Will See on This Page. Trust Me - After You Look At Everything Here, You'll Want to Max Out Your Business With LeadModo Agency This Year.

20/100 Seat Agency License

Think of this for a second – you already have LeadModo and believe what it can do, right?

Now, what if you could help your clients, students and others get the same results? What if – you could charge anywhere between $27pm and $5k for one-time setup?

That’s the POWER of LeadModo Agency.

Number of licenses depend on your package, you can purchase more later!

LeadModo Agency comes with 25 seat agency license – which means you can setup LeadModo access for your clients under your account. Then let them have unique access to it.

Charge them whatever you want – and keep 100%.

Use Our Marketing Material

When it comes to selling software, we know what we are doing (the fact that you are here is a testament to that!)

So what if we would allow you to use our marketing material?

  • You can use our emails
  • You can use our videos
  • You can even use our sales page (just duplicate it over, ok?)

With the LeadModo agency license, you will be able to sell copies of this as your own.

Plus, since you can now use our marketing material, your chances of success shoot up by at least 3x.

...which means, more long-term monies in your pocket!

Christmas came early :)

Premium Support For You

With your LeadModo purchase, you already get an enviable level of support from us.

We respond to tickets within 24 hours (ideally less) and solve issues faster than Flash!

But with this agency purchase, we go one step further.

We have created a special channel in our support desk for premium support - and we’ll make sure YOUR tickets and YOUR issues get prioritized.

Remember, money gets you special access…

...and that’s what you are getting today.

Faster, more timely access from us - as and when you need :)

And finally…

We Support Your Clients

Listen - we built this software, and if you bring ANYONE into this platform, we want to support them.

That way:

  • You don’t have to waste time in support
  • You don’t have to hire extra support resources,
  • You don’t even have to know this app inside-out.

Let us take away the MOST painful part of running an online business - the support.

Your clients simply log a ticket from the usual channel (a button within their app), and our team takes over.

We solve any issues they face

We help with recommended solutions,

...And we portray you as the best person to work with (as you are :))

All without you getting out of the bed.

Ready To Get Started?

Now I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't offer you the whole LeadModo Agency package at a special launch price.

LeadModo makes it SO easy to build email and messenger list using quizzes, surveys, and polls. And it works with ALL landing page builders out there.

And LeadModo Agency takes it to the NEXT level!

When You Upgrade To LeadModo Agency,

We Also Give You These Bonuses

Bonus 1

Video Sales Factory

Creating stunning sales videos has just become so easy that you will jump off the chair after you figure out how it works without any technical or artistic knowledge whatsoever creating good looking "presentation style" sales videos used to require you to have power-point.

Valued at $97

Bonus 2

Voucher Machine

With this unique app, you will be able to create a powerful voucher system that allows you to empower your clients’ loyalty to drive higher sales conversion! Use this sparingly for best results.

Valued at $97

Bonus 3

Virtual Sales Bot

Unleash an army of virtual sales agents & immediately skyrocket conversions, sales & profits! Use this on your sites to close more clients for LeadModo and anything else you sell.

Valued at $147

Now Let Me Ask You This...

How much would you pay – ONE TIME – to sell LeadMo oto your clients OVER and OVER again?

Remember – some people charge $5k per campaign.

You can get away with charging even $1,500.

How much is that worth to you?

Get LeadModo Agency at a one-time price and take your business to the next level!

This is a one-time opportunity, don’t let it slip past you; jump on board and upgrade today!

Small Business License

  • 20 Seat Agency License
  • Permission to use our marketing material
  • Premium support in case you get stuck
  • We support your clients

Big Business License

  • 100 Seat Agency License
  • Permission to use our marketing material
  • Premium support in case you get stuck
  • We support your clients
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Leadmodo Agency 100 Accounts
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