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Congratulations again on getting access to LeadModo.

I am thrilled to have you on board. You can now create highly engaging quizzes, surveys and polls

and collect massive amounts of Messenger Leads on autopilot.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better…

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any bigger….

I am super excited to tell you that it does.

Now, I’ll be honest…

For us as creator of LeadModo, it makes more business sense to let you start creating campaigns and collect super-hot Messenger leads at will…

…and then offer you these additional advanced features (even then…not all of them) at a high monthly recurring fee. That has been the plan from Day #1, when we started putting together LeadModo on the whiteboard.

That would’ve helped us make insane profits! There…I said it – I created LeadModo to make profits. I knew that people needed a new and more effective way to get leads and then convert them into paying customers.

And after a lot of research and hard-work, my team and I created LeadModo to do exactly that.

And here’s some fantastic news for you…

I am not new to this market. LeadModo is not the first hot product I am bringing to the market. I have been here for more than 5 years and have created many awesome products prior to LeadModo.

I have thousands of happy customers, a nice team of professionals working for me and a market that is growing by the minute…so in a way I have a thriving business.

Don’t get me wrong – I am not arrogant about it. I worked hard to get here and I know that without my team and awesome customers I won’t be…where I am today.

It’s time to give back…

There’s a good chance you have already bought one or multiple products from me in the past. I want to thank you by making a special offer.

Just for the first 1000 LeadModo customers, I am offering these advanced features at a low one-time price.

For the rest…the Pro-Upgrade (SELECTED FEATURES ONLY) would be available from the dashboard itself after a couple of months, when the 30-day money back guarantee has expired.

And the offer would be at least double the price tag you see today on this page (recurring – monthly).

So without further delay…

Let me make the offer…

UNLIMITED Campaigns = UNLIMITED Messenger Leads

The more. The better. This rule applies especially to the online market. There are customers from all over the world and they are all over the web. If you want more leads, more sales and more profits…you’ve got to create more hooks…more quizzes, surveys and polls.

With LeadModo Pro create UNLIMITED campaigns. Cover niches that are still untouched, but may turn out to be gold-mines. Taking chances and going beyond the limits is what truly separates leaders from followers. LeadModo Pro has removed all limits and all caps on the profits you can make…go get’em. 

Get MORE done with Team Access

We understand that lead generation is just one of the aspects of your business (and a very important one at that). But you need to focus on other aspects as well…sales, after sales, production etc. Luckily, we have made LeadModo so easy to work with, you can confidently delegate lead generation to your team without worrying about compromising on results.

LeadModo Pro lets you create a separate access for your assistant, team member, intern etc. Ask them to watch the short tutorials inside the dashboard and take over this task, so that you can focus on other things.

Stay ahead in the game with Advanced Campaign Analytics

We want that you to be more confident when you expand and grow your business, and for that it’s crucial that you get all the facts and figures you need to make informed decisions right in front of you. Creating campaign after campaign on a trial-n-error method isn’t a very smart thing to do. Neither is sitting down with a pen and paper analysing your campaigns. That’s donkey-work. Leave it to the software.

LeadModo Pro works tirelessly in the background to generate advanced analysis for every campaign you create and run giving you deep insights on what’s working and what’s not.

Add your personal touch to the Thank You Pages

What separates a thriving business from an ordinary business is only one thing – repeat customers. The sales process doesn’t end with you converting a lead into a sale. It is, in fact, the beginning of a relationship that you will have with your customers.

A Thank You Page is as important (if not more) as your Sales Page. LeadModo Pro allows you to create a lasting impression and turn every new customer into a life-long customer who buys again and again from you, with a personalized Thank You Page that they are redirected to after they have purchased your product. 

Bonus Features

Available Only When You Upgrade Today!

Track Visitor Behaviour With Advertising Pixel

Knowledge is power. And absolute knowledge is absolute power. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could get a sneak into your visitors’ mind? Know what they are thinking, know what they like and what they don’t? Won’t it help you better target them?

LeadModo Pro is integrated with advanced Advertising Pixel technology that helps you keep a track on your visitors’ behaviour. This allows you to build custom audiences, ensuring that your campaigns are crafted for and distributed to those who are most likely to buy from your business.

Valued at $97

Complete branding with Custom Logo

Our aim is not just to help you get a lead that is super-targeted and is easy to convert to a sale. We want to help you take your business to a whole new level. And to do that, it’s important that every campaign you create should reflect the core idea around which your product and business is built…

…and a customized logo is one of the most important things that help you do that. With LeadModo Pro you can replace our branding with your own custom logo. These little things go a long way in helping you achieve success in your niche. 

Valued at $97

Stay on top with Instant Lead Notification

You know when’s the best time to convert a lead? - Instantly! When someone subscribes to your list – that’s the best time to convert them into a paying customer, because they are warmed-up and already in the “buying state-of-mind”…all they need is an offer in front of them.

LeadModo Pro notifies you the very instant someone is added to your list. You just need to show them the offer and cash in on their impulse. Combined with Team Access feature, Instant Lead Notification helps you profit even while you sleep.

Valued at $97

Replace text-based answer options with stunning Images

A picture is worth a thousand words. I am sure you must have heard that phrase a million times already…and you must have agreed with it every single time too. Images take engagement to the top level instantly.

With LeadModo Pro you can now add Pictures and Images as probable answers instead of boring texts to your quizzes, surveys & polls and watch your engagements skyrocket.

Valued at $97

Instant One-Click Facebook Signup

Acquiring a lead is one thing...acquiring a real lead instead of a fake one is quite another. We all have disposable Email addresses that we use to get freebies (We have all done that :)). It’s a smart thing to do. 

But when the tables are turned and we are now the ones paying to get those leads, and then pouring more money into promoting our products and offers to those leads...the same idea turns into a challenge. 

LeadModo Pro helps you get real Email addresses of real customers. 

With LeadModo Pro, you don’t even need to ask your visitors to type in their Email addresses (and change them at will)...

... the software automatically grabs the Email address attached to your visitors Facebook account with just 1 click. 

Now, you have REAL Leads in your autoresponders waiting to be converted into paying customers. No more losing money and time on fake and disposable email addresses. 

Thrilled with all these possibilities…

Upgrade here NOW!

You are here because you have read about what LeadModo can do for you. You have seen the Walkthrough Video and listened to me tell you everything there’s to know about how LeadModo helps you collect tons of targeted leads in your Messenger List.

Now it’s time to trust your instincts and level up your game. Get in a position to get more…to be more…

More Leads… More Conversions… More Sales… And finally, More PROFITS.

Remember, we still want you to be FEARLESS.

Upgrade to LeadModo Pro today at this super-low one-time fee. Try out ALL the features for 30 days. And if you aren’t happy with the results you get, we guarantee to issue you an instant refund when you ask for it within 30 days from your purchase.

Offer Valid ONLY For The First 1000 LeadModo Customers

This offer is only for the first 1000 LeadModo customers. The rest of the customers will have to wait at least a couple of months after this to upgrade to the Pro Level. The features that are listed on this page are available ONLY if you upgrade today.

As and when the Upgrade option will be made available at a later stage…the price is going to be higher than what it is today and would be payable every month.

Take action without any reservations. Your small investment is absolutely secure with our 30-day Money back Guarantee.

Gather Invaluable Insights Into Visitor Behavior With Advertising Pixel

Make Your Campaigns Truly Your Own With Custom Logo Branding

Stay One-Step Ahead With Instant Lead Notification

Include Images As Answers And Create Viral Campaigns

Acquire Leads Faster With One-Click Facebook Signup

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